Improve Indoor Air Quality in Ocala with a Centralized
Air Purification System from Allan & Rogers

Improve Air Quality in Ocala with a Centralized Air Purification System from Allan & Rogers

Why Do I Need a Centralized Air Purification System?

Many people think because they have no apparent health issues and they keep a clean home that they don’t really need a centralized air purification system. But, what you can’t see can hurt you...

Indoor Air Quality Test - Allan & Rogers

Today’s construction seals our buildings so tightly in order to save on energy, that the air quality in our homes and workplace has been compromised. Our energy efficient buildings are not able to bring in enough fresh air from outside to lower the levels of biological and chemical contaminants.

These airborne contaminants include bacteria, viruses, dangerous mold, as well as fumes and unpleasant odors caused by chemicals and volatile organic compounds or VOCs, including many cleaning, paint, and wax products.

While doing a great job toward saving money, our energy efficient homes and buildings have concentrations of airborne contaminants that are continually on the rise. According to the EPA, the level of indoor pollutants is typically 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor pollutants. In fact, indoor levels are sometimes as much as 100 times higher!

These contaminants continually circulate throughout the ventilation system, spreading to every area of the home or commercial structure. As a result indoor air pollution is now considered one of the top 5 environmental risks to our health.

An air filter is not an air purifier!

Many of us use filters in our home’s ventilation system to reduce particulates in the air. HOWEVER, biological and chemical contaminants like bacteria, mold, viruses, allergens, cigarette smoke, and pet and cooking odors are so small that they pass right through even the best filters - like sand through a tennis racket.

Why Allan & Roger’s Centralized Air Purification System?

The pollution in your home can be divided into 3 categories:

  • 35% PARTICULATES like dust
  • 34% MOLD, VIRUSES, and other GERMS
  • 31% VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which cause odors and can be toxic

Your air conditioner’s filter is effective against larger particles, like dust, but is basically useless regarding the other two thirds of your indoor air pollution. The UV light in our air filtration system is proven to sterilize biological contaminants like mold, viruses, and other germs in the air as well as directly on the surface of the AC system itself. But what sets us apart is that our award-winning air filtration system also neutralizes odor-causing VOCs that are typically left untreated by most air purification systems.

Our centralized air purifier uses a process called photocatalytic oxidation to detoxify the air in your home or business. Photocatalytic Oxidation is somewhat similar to the catalytic converter on your vehicle’s exhaust. A reaction between the UV light and the titanium dioxide that is infused in the carbon of our system essentially disintegrates any contaminants passing through. What is left is simply water vapor and CO2 which is released back into your home or business. In addition, the carbon cells are left clean so they will never get clogged or need to be replaced. The result is clean air that is also VOC and odor-free.

APCO Centralized Air Purification System

Our Air Purification System kills over 99% of Airborne
MOLD, BACTERIA, VIRUSES and ALLERGENS after the first 24 hours of use!

Allan & Rogers is representative for Award-Winning APCO line of air purifiers in the greater Ocala area.

No Ozone

Many home air purifiers produce ozone which has been proven to be unhealthy. The air purifying process of our system is 100% ozone free!

No Need for Individual Room Air Purifiers

Because our purifier is installed directly into your central air conditioning system, the purified air is circulated throughout the entire home within 24 hours. Therefore, there is no need for individual room air purifiers.

Eliminates Odors

Most air purifiers on the market do not address VOCs, which are the source of nearly all odors. Our system is different and removes VOCs and their odors. While some VOCs merely smell bad, other can pose significant health risks. With our system you will no longer deal with pet odors, cooking smells, tobacco smoke, and chemical vapors rising from furniture, carpet, construction, and many cleaning products.

Lifetime Warranty

Our centralized air filtration system has a lifetime warranty on all parts. The only exception is the lamps that that come with a 1 or 2 year warranty.

AND… It’s Good for Your Air Conditioning System Too!

Here in Florida where we have significant humidity, it is natural for mold to grow on AC coils over time, which robs efficiency and shortens the life of your air system. A biofilm of only 0.002 can reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency by 37%. Our UV light kills mold and keeps coils clean, maximizing efficiency and extending the life of your unit.

Commercial Centralized Air Purification Systems

  • Commercial Buildings and Office Complexes
  • Schools and Institutions
  • Hospitals, Doctors’ Offices and Other Medical Facilities
  • Food Processing Plants and Produce Facilities
  • Military Facilities
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Elder Care and Daycare Facilities

Improve Air Quality in Ocala with a Centralized Air Purification System from Allan & Rogers

Benefits Include

  • Eliminate “Sick Building Syndrome” and reduce instances of “Hospital Acquired Infections” by destroying airborne viruses, bacteria, and germs.
  • Remove allergens
  • Reduce bio-chemical contaminants
  • Create sterilized surfaces and areas.
  • Destroy airborne contaminants including mold, chemicals and VOCs
  • Save time and money by maintaining a clean evaporator coil
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors
  • Improve efficiency of equipment and lower energy costs
  • “Green” Technology status
  • And more!

Improve Air Quality in Ocala with a Centralized Air Purification System from Allan & Rogers

Get an Indoor Air Quality Evaluation

Our Air Quality Specialists will come to your home to provide a FREE air system inspection and indoor air quality consultation. We will inspect the coils and inner parts of your air conditioning system for mold and other debris, as well as your air ducts for buildup and microbial growth. Our recommendations will be based on our findings and the needs of the inhabitants. Often, in order to maximize the benefits of our centralized air purification system, we will also recommend a thorough cleaning of the duct work and AC system.