Ocala Furnace Installation and Heat Pump Replacement

Every home or business is as unique as the occupants. At Allan and Rogers, we offer a full selection of fuel efficient heating systems to meet the needs of every home or business. If you are looking for a new furnace installation or heat pump replacement, our expert technicians can help you identify the perfect heating solution for your space.

Whatever type of heating system you choose, you can expect maximum performance and comfort with a new heating unit installed by Allan and Rogers. As one of the oldest and most experienced HVAC contractors in Ocala, our technicians average more than 25 years of experience in gas furnace replacement and heat pump installation, as well as quality service and repair.


Ocala Heat Pump Replacement and Furnace Installation

Electric Heat Pump Installation

Choose a Heat Pump Installation for Heating and Cooling

Although you wouldn’t know it by the name, heat pumps are a very efficient option for heating and cooling your home or business here in Central Florida. In fact, heat pumps save their owners the most money and energy in milder climates, which makes these types of systems ideal in the Ocala area. When the weather gets closer to the frost warnings that we often experience in our winter months, or in areas of your home or business with specific or unique heating needs, an electric powered heat pump installation can make a perfect addition to your central HVAC system (see image). These hybrid systems often produce significant improvements in the heating and cooling of your home or office as well as sizable reductions in your utility bills. Another popular heat pump installation is known as a split system. Split systems consist of two separate components – the outside pump and the indoor evaporator coil and blower motor. Our experienced technicians can help you determine which type of heat pump replacement or installation is right for you.

Or... Gas Furnace Replacement and Installation

One of the best ways to get efficient and reliable heating from your gas furnace replacement is to have it properly installed by a professional. The furnace specialists at Allan and Rogers offer dependable gas furnace replacement for all makes and models. Insuring you have the proper size and type of furnace is one of the most critical elements in a new furnace installation. Our specialists can work with you to identify the proper unit for your home or business needs and budget. Then, our furnace replacement experts can install your new system efficiently and effectively, providing your home or office with comfortably warm air that you can depend on for years to come.

Whether you are looking for a new gas furnace installation, a heat pump replacement, or are looking for a second opinion, give us a call or schedule an appointment below. The heating technicians at Allan and Rogers will provide the best possible service at a fair price - our reputation depends on it!

Get a Second Opinion... Free of Charge

If another HVAC contractor has recommended a new heating system in lieu of repair, Allan and Rogers will provide a second opinion free of charge. Many times we have been contacted to provide a second opinion or quote only to discover that a new furnace or heat pump replacement is not necessary. We value our reputation in the Ocala area and you can rely on Allan and Rogers to provide the best possible service combined with the highest level of integrity. Our technicians are not paid or in any way incented to "up-sell" new heat pumps or furnace installations to our customers. Because of this, you can depend on an accurate and objective evaluation of your current heating system. If it is time to replace your gas furnace or heating unit, we have knowledgeable and certified technicians with decades of experience who can help you select the heating system that makes the most sense for your home or business.