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Superior Air Conditioning Repair in Ocala Florida

Allan and Rogers provides superior local home AC repair in Ocala, The Villages and the surrounding areas. We service, repair, and install all makes and models for both residential as well as commercial facilities of all sizes. We are also a reliable resource for repair and installation of commercial refrigeration and ice machines.

For 3 generations, Allan and Rogers has proudly served the greater Ocala area, providing quality air conditioning repair and installation. Established in 1967, our reputation has always been a priority and is seen as critical to our success. As a result, we are kind of old fashioned in our thinking. We believe a company should always do 2 things:

Do the job right the first time and take care of its customers.

It is this philosophy that has helped our company prosper for close to 50 years. We believe that more than ever people are looking for companies they can trust, and Allan and Rogers would like to be your trusted residential air conditioning repair service. All of our technicians have a minimum of 10 years experience, with some in the industry for more than 40 years. Our qualified team is dedicated to bringing you superior service and products for years to come.

Preventative Maintenance Service Plans

In the spring and fall, we provide a 57-point maintenance inspection, covering all of the major components of your air conditioning / heating system. Just like regular maintenance on a car, preventative maintenance on your air conditioner can save you a substantial amount of money in AC repair. Quite often when a problem is detected early, the air conditioning repair is minor in comparison. Left undetected, what would have been a minor repair or regular maintenance issue can quickly become a major AC repair or even replacement. Because our technicians are paid the same regardless of what they find, you can rely on the evaluation and recommendations resulting from your maintenance inspection. If repairs are needed, a complete estimate will be provided at the time of your inspection. To encourage our customers to get the regular air conditioning service needed, our plans also offer discounts on any repairs.

All of this for less than a dollar a day!

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Reduce Your AC Repairs and Improve Indoor Air Quality

The focus on indoor air quality is a growing concern for home owners and businesses. In reality indoor air pollution has become much greater than most pollution we encounter outdoors. Gases, mold, bacteria, chemicals from cleaners, carpet fibers, drywall, and pet dander are just a few of the pollutants that get trapped inside our homes and businesses. Gases such as carbon monoxide or radon, and contaminants like mold or bacteria can result in serious adverse health conditions. As construction becomes more efficient, it is even more difficult for these pollutants to escape creating an undesirable environment especially during the hot Florida summer. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, especially dust, you will see a dramatic change in symptoms with the installation of a air purification or filtration system.

Allan and Rogers provides a variety of air purification and filtration systems, as well as regular duct cleaning services for those concerned with their indoor air quality. These systems not only make your indoor air considerably cleaner, but also keep your AC unit running like new. Because the air flowing through the AC Unit is also cleaner, maintenance expenses and AC repairs are dramatically reduced and the average life of your unit is extended. As a result, these systems pay for themselves over time. Ask your Allan and Rogers air conditioning service technician about an air filtration or purification system for your home.

Have You Been Told You Need a New Air Conditioner? Get a Second Opinion... Free

If another HVAC contractor has told you that you need a new air conditioner or a major AC repair in Ocala or The Villages, Allan and Rogers will provide a second opinion free of charge. Often when we have been called to provide a second opinion or quote, we find that a more economical repair is warranted. Because we value the reputation we have worked so hard to earn in the Ocala area, you can always expect the highest integrity and best service possible from our owners and employees. We do not encourage our technicians financially or in any other way to "up-sell" AC repairs. As a result, you are getting a fair and honest evaluation of your system and the air conditioning service required. If your air conditioner does need replacing, our technicians have years of knowledge and experience to help you determine the unit that would be best for your home within a price range that works for you.

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