AC Maintenance in Ocala Done Right!

Your AC system requires routine maintenance in order to function property throughout its expected life. Postponing your AC maintenance will result in a steady reduction in your system's efficiency AND an increase in utility cost. Three areas that can cause the most trouble when there is a lack of maintenance are the AC filters, the AC Coils, and Condensate Drains. But, our 15 point inspection ensures we don't miss a thing!

Air Conditioner Filters

By far, the thing that will help your AC system the most to run smoothly and efficiently, is to regularly replace or clean the filters. Air flow is significantly diminished by clogged, dirty filters, and you will definitely pay the price with your utility bill! Whenever airflow is blocked, air will bypass the filter depositing dirt and other debris on the evaporator coil. This significantly reduces the coil's heat-absorbing capacity, dramatically affecting the efficiency of your unit. Simply replacing a dirty AC filter with a clean one can lower your AC unit's energy consumption by as much as 15%.

AC Maintenance in Ocala

Air Conditioner Coils

Outdoor condenser coils tend to become extremely dirty. Especially if area around it is dusty or there are bushes or other foliage nearby. It is important to limit the condenser unit's exposure to dirt and debris. This can be done by cleaning the area around the coil, regularly removing any collected debris, and trimming bushes back 2 feet or more. This will make sure there is plenty of air flow around the condenser. Be aware of dryer vents and how close they are to your AC unit as well.

Condensate Drains

It is natural for your AC evaporator coil to develop condensation as it does its job. This condensation drips into a special pan called a condensate drain pan. As water collects in the drain pan, it flows into drain line running from your AC component to an outside drain. Draining is typically accomplished by simple gravity, but occasionally drain lines require pumps to drain the condensate water efficiently. It is important to regularly check your condensate drain lines for clogs and debris.

We recommend regular AC maintenance by one of our qualified technicians to keep your air conditioning system working efficiently for years to come.

Why Allan & Rogers? Experience and Reputation You Can Depend On

For 3 generations Allan and Rogers has been providing local Ocala AC maintenance, installation, and repair that you can trust. We started our business in 1967, and we know our good name is important for our continued success. We're kind of old fashioned here... We take care of our customers and we do the job right the 1st time. This way of doing business has helped our business grow for nearly 50 years. That's why Allan and Rogers is committed to providing superior service and products for years to come.

Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

Just as routine AC maintenance is important for the longevity of your air conditioning system, regular cleaning of your air ducts will also keep your AC system running smoothly and efficiently.

Even if you maintain a very clean home, pollutants in the air will eventually fill your air ducts with dust and debris. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends hiring a professional HVAC company to clean your air ducts in certain circumstances...

  1. If Dust or debris can be seen on your supply registers, then these particles are getting into your home as well.
  2. If you have experienced water damage, the moisture can result in mold growth that can get into your air duct system.
  3. If you can see mold growth in your air ducts or anywhere on your AC system, you could be spreading mold spores throughout your home.
  4. If you have had a positive test or treatment for mold in your home, you should also clean your ducts to guard against re-contamination.
  5. If anyone in your household suffers from severe asthma, or chronic illness or allergies, this may be caused by contaminants in your duct system (including pollen, dust, or mold spores), that are then distributed by your HVAC system throughout your home.

Even if none of the above apply to you, we have seen the life of HVAC units extended and utility bills dramatically reduced by professional air duct cleaning and regular AC maintenance.